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The Cattle from TGN Shorthorns go out work


I am very proud to have the TGN prefix on the following animals.


image_6483441 (6)_edited.jpg
image_6483441 (6)_edited.jpg

TGN General 19G

Used successfully at Diamond Shorthorns as well as TGN Shorthorns.  He now is working in a commercial program also with great success.


Diamond Minnie Joedean 47J

Sire is bred by TGN Shorthorns and this is what we are excited and proud to see our genetics working in other programs!


TGN Cinnamon Dottie 1C

The First female we sold as a purebred went to Diamond Shorthorns and then on to Woodruff Ranch.  She was a very popular lot in the provincial sale and again when she was a feature in the "All That Glitters" sale.


TGN Fawn 18F

Sold reluctantly but she went on to produce a bull her first calf that was sold through the Best Of The West Sale.  Soft made and attractive as well as moderate.

image_6483441 (3).JPG
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